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"Novels are works of creativity and blessed imaginations. It triggers a journey that's more enchanting when discovered and shared with kindred spirits! Ours is a vibrant community of bookworms, where you'll find your tribe and also unlock a treasure trove of resources to fuel your passion!"

Book Recommendations

“What’s Upendi to a bookworm if not a treasure trove of personalized novel recommendations, tailored to your unique tastes and desires!

We take the stress of endless guessing away and reward you with the gleeful experience of living your best life yet, just cozied up with your favorite pick of our carefully curated library of perfect reads.

We are the hypothetical rainbow bridge that connects you with new worlds, undiscovered harems, sleek romantic meets and every other hidden gems waiting to be discovered.”

Books Reviews

“The reviews section is a world of its own, where creativity meets passion.

Our readers share their innate emotions brought to the surface by the dynamic characters within the pages of the books they read. These reviews are personal observations and definitely differ according to readers’ perception, but it does a great job of casting the spotlight on hidden gems and talents, giving them room to shine.

The reviews are respectfully crafted with helpful tips where necessary to aid the author’s creative journey.”

ARC Reader Program

“As a premium member of LitCraft Solutions, we also offer you the exclusive experience that comes with being amongst the first to dig into new releases, with all the excitements it sparks and which is way better than orgasm.

Our professional ARC readers receive exclusive Advance Reading Copies, and in return they automatically become an integrated part of the pre-launch buzz. Ours are loud voices, and our social media campaigns plus reviews can make a difference to an author’s journey!”

Litcraft Community

“The bookish community is the best. You’ll most likely find your haven in our cozy community, where creativity thrives and imagination flourishes! No bookish obsession is considered excessive.

We are not too uptight to not understand sarcasm and our sharp grasp of bookish retorts isn’t nerdish, it’s the new cool.

All you need do is to bring your booktastic self along and keep a positive outlook because you will connect with like-minded enthusiasts, and discover the power of collaboration and growth.”

Positive Affirmations

“What’s a bookilicious day without a boost of positivity!

Our daily affirmations are primarily tailored to inspire you and give you gazillion reasons to embrace your love for lands far far away, brutish knights, tough-bred heroines and the lines would sure add a spring to your step as you wake properly with a steaming cup of coffee or whatever it is that kick starts your day!”

Beta Readers program

“This is best regarded as a collaborative adventure!

Our beta reading program boasts of handpicked creative minds and avid readers. This program allows a meet between novelists and book enthusiasts who join forces to refine and perfect the art of storytelling.

Our beta readers are ever ready to help you whip up your storyline in to the best form yet and possibly set precedence for the unveiling of the next great novel!”

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